"Remixed" is a release of remixes from the albums “The Documentary” and “Dark Is The Light” by The Response Collective.

The track listing is as follows:


1. Part Something Part Nothing - Breaks Remix by El Red
2. Dark Is The Light - Remix by Russell Leak
3. Martins Dead - Remix by Madcap & Wilsh Relick
4. Hawkins Vs God – Remix by Selina Gibsone
5. Two Packed To Dance -Remix by FireProof Skratch Duck
6. Rysowac - Remix by Russell Leak
7. Moment of Insanity - J-Tek Remix by El Red
8. The Vision - J-Tek Remix by El Red



1, 7 & 8 Additional Production & Remix by E. Payne
3. Additional Production & Remix by E. Payne & M. Wilsher
www.myspace.com/madcap1980 // www.myspace.com/wilshydread // both courtesy of Uncertified Music



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