Reviews of The Documentary by The Response Collective


A wee bit Lemon Jelly, a wee bit Joy Division, the Collective throw guitars, drum machines and turntables at the wall, and what sticks is a thought-provoking, unpigeonholeable mashup.

Greenbelt Festival


The Documentary, released by The Response Collective, is one of those albums that simply work no matter how you play it. With the volume pumped up you cannot help but become absorbed in the fantastic music created by these highly talented musicians, and without realising your feet are tapping and you head is moving and the urge to get up and dance is incredible. With the speakers low and the music playing in the background it is easy to just chill and wind down. Albums like these are very few and far between. If you only buy one album this year, this is the one to get.
Matt Johnston


Nowadays it is difficult to find refreshing new music, but this sure does it for me - Dr. Jean-Charles Cuillandre.

From iTunes:


The documentary original and fresh *****
Brilliant album. Saw these guys at BugJam recently they really got something different with an excellent original mix of bass, guitar and turntables. Excellent album to just sit and chill out to.
The Gadget Boy


Fantastic Response *****

I heard the Response Collective at a festival recently, great band, great album, a must for electro fans. Losing In Stereo is fantastic a real Pink Floyd edge. Just great all round easy listening album.
Hillsy The Gunner


The Response Collective at The Edinburgh Fringe 2007

The Response Collective - guitar/synths, keyboards/bass and turntables - delivered chilled sounds for this early evening gig, with sufficient energy and enthusiasm to let their audience know they meant every beat. And their good-humour increased as they fed off each-other's musical input. The fun spread throughout the room and reached a crescendo when a fully suited and booted spaceman entered and did a spacewalk. Special mentions for guitarist/programmer Russell, and turntablist Garry, who worked exceptionally well together, musically and technically. And also for Selina, who provided support; her steady bass often held things together, and she also provided lyrical keyboard solos.



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